Study that aims at identifying all previous and present state of community composting experiences in Mexico. It exposes the reasons why most of them have failed and which ones have succeeded over the past years.


Past research projects

Poster and paper presented at the International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation, China 2007. This work includes a description and analysis of municipal composting facilities in central Mexico and factors that led either to the success or the failure of the local composting initiatives.

Commissioned by: Instituto Nacional de Ecología (INE) The National Institute of Ecology, Mexico

Date: May 2005 - February 2006

Research tools: Interview with key individuals- Field observation diary

Language: Spanish

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The document on the systematization of  composting experiences in Mexico is available upon request:

Organization: International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation: Eco-Cities and Villages Dongsheng District, China.

Conference date: 26-31 August 2007 presented by Dr. Ana Córdova

Language: English

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ecosan data sheet- mexico

Sarar Transformación

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Factors affecting the success or failure of large-scale composting facilities in Mexico

(Co-author: Dr. Ana Córdova)

Systematization of the existing information regarding municipal compost programs in Mexico

Front page study

Poster at the International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation, China

Die Hamburger Wertstofftonne

Conceptualization and development of a questionnaire distributed in the area of Langenhorn located north of Hamburg to find out what is the acceptance of the yellow packaging bins in Hamburg.

Commissioned by: Stadtreinigung Hamburg (SRH)

Date: April-October 2006.

Research tools: questionnaire survey

Language: German

Recycling bins in Langenhorn, Hamburg

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Workshop and guideline for composting organic Waste in Tropical Climate

This work includes recommendations for domestic waste separation, strategies for collection services, sustainable composting processes and quality control. Case study Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Color code for household waste separation in Germany

Find out more about recycling yards and bring systems in Hamburg

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paper / cardboard

plastic/ packaging

green waste

general waste

Commissioner: Stadtreinigung Hamburg (SRH)

Date: October 2007

Method: workshop and participatory approach.

Language: English

The document on composting organic waste in tropical climate >>>>>> is available upon request